MT900 RC Smart Dog Black

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Robot Dog Remote Control Buddy

Robot dog with artificial intelligence or AI is growing in popularity ever since Japanese engineers came up with them. Now we have a more affordable alternative in the form of the Robot Dog RC Buddy.

First Pet

When your child wants a pet but isn’t ready for the responsibility yet, you can get him or her with this robot dog. This toy includes a wireless controller in the shape of a bone with various commands. The robot dog receives a transmission from the controller up to a distance of 20 meters. The commands include walking, standing, rolling over, squat down, and even fake urination movements. Aside from the remote controller, the Robot Dog RC Buddy is also touch sensitive. This little dog is rechargeable that makes it safer and a power saver because you won’t have to buy batteries over and over. The transmitter, however, requires two batteries in 1.5 volts of AA. Operation time will vary from 30 to 35 minutes. It measures at 10.24L x 7.09W x 7.48H inches.

Entertain Your Child With It

Aside from the mentioned actions, the robot dog is also capable of singing, dancing, acting and telling stories. Children 10 years and up will be able to operate and appreciate the coolness of this toy. It’s made with ABS plastic, with soft edges and a non-toxic material that won’t injure or poison the child. The LED lights on the eyes of this toy change to reflect certain programmed expressions. It’s also made to withstand crashes, so it’s more durable and depending on how the child treats it, it will last for a long time. The toy will make an excellent birthday or holiday gift to your favorite little human. It’s an awesome toy that will play with their imagination and entertain them for a long time.

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