Hong Xian Weng / Purple Thread Learn

Hong Xian Weng / Purple Thread Learn

Jin Luo is actually Jin Lian’s https://kissbrides.com/sv/seeking-arrangement-recension/ young twin sister. Its lives try tied up to one another but she doesn’t come across eyes so you’re able to eye having your due to their ruthlessness and you may cruelty. Jin Luo booked and you will mindful due to her identity and you can worst reference to their own brother.

Ying Shi / Xie Ying Shi

Ying Shi is the Little princess of Eastern Water. She is willful and you may bossy however, harmless. She’s got interest in Chu Kong. Xie Ying Shi is their particular reincarnation about Mortal Domain because Lu Chang Kong’s cousin within his 2nd tribulation.

Red Bond Grasp ‘s the learn of your own Wedding Pavilion in the the newest Eden World. The guy enlightened Xiang Yun and you will grabbed their under their side. Red Thread Learn was a type and you will comedy immortal.

Immortal Li

Immortal Li performs in the Fate Agency from the Heaven World. He is in charge of composing the fate traces to have mortals. Immortal Li is even Xiang Yun’s friend.

Song Qin Wen / Master Yang / King Mo Luo

Track Qin Wen are Xiang Yun’s dad in her second tribulation. He could be this new Commander of one’s Purple Guards and you can close friend of great Standard Lu. (more…)

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